Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM2)

Active Therapeutic Movement normalizes movement impairments and restores core muscle stability. This treatment technique is made possible by the use of the ATM2 therapeutic device. Essentially, the ATM2 is an standing treatment table with a belting system that stabilizes the patient in an upright position.

Once stabilized and in a functional weight-bearing position, specific neuromuscular training and re-education can be performed on an isolated movement or position to restore normal motion. Treatment is monitored carefully to ensure the patient is pain free throughout the session.

Active Therapeutic Movements retrain muscles and eradicate muscle imbalances by affecting how the central nervous system communicates with the core muscles that stabilize the body. Through this treatment, the central nervous system memorizes the pain-free movement.

Based on the Mulligan concept of mobilizations with movement, the ATM2 is used for the management of pain, muscle imbalances, and mechanical dysfunction of the neck, shoulder, back, hip, pelvis, and knee.

Active Therapeutic Movement can provide immediate, significant, and long-lasting pain reduction. Treatment using the ATM2 can also increase range of motion and improve function, making it useful for athletes, patients with posture issues, and patients with scoliosis.