How to Foam Roll Your Upper Back

Foam Roll Upper Back

Bespoke Treatments: Self Myofascial Release Techniques, Part 4

Many of our daily activities place a lot of tension on our upper backs—especially if they include sitting at a desk all day. To counteract some of this strain, grab a foam roller and follow these steps from the experts at Bespoke Treatments to start releasing that back.

  1. To begin, lie on the ground, face up.
  2. Position the foam roller under your mid-back.
  3. Support your head with your hands.
  4. Now, roll from your shoulders to the middle of your back, lifting your hips as you roll.
  5. Repeat rolling in the other direction.
  6. Make sure you breathe deeply and exhale slowly as you roll.

You should have as much weight as possible on the foam roller. Remember, it will be uncomfortable, but that discomfort should be tolerable. This technique feels like a deep-tissue massage on your upper back.

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