How to Foam Roll Your Quadriceps


Bespoke Treatments: Self Myofascial Release Techniques, Part 1

Need a deep tissue massage for your tight quads, but don’t have an in-house massage therapist? Me neither. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of that tension. For a self-myofascial release technique, look no further than your trusty foam roller. When you follow these steps from the experts at Bespoke Treatments in New York, you’ll find relief—fast.

  1. To begin, lie face down on the ground with your foam roller under one thigh. Cross your ankles and support your body weight on your forearms—think plank position.
  2. Start rolling at the hip and gently roll down to just above the knee.
  3. When you find sore spots—on the front, outside, or inside of your thigh—spend extra time resting on those spots.
  4. Make sure you breathe deeply and exhale slowly as you roll.
  5. Try rocking back and forth on the foam roller—not just up and down—for a different type of release.
  6. Don’t forget to switch legs. Place the other leg on the foam roller and cross the leg you just rolled over at the ankles.

You should have as much weight as possible on the foam roller. Remember, it will be uncomfortable, but that discomfort should be tolerable. This technique feels like a deep-tissue massage on the quads.

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