Sacral Pain

Sacral pain typically occurs in the low back or butt and can be either sharp or aching in nature. The sacrum is located in the lowest portion of the spine, extending into the tailbone. Because there are so many different muscles in this area of the body, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact site of injury that is causing the pain. Typically, the pain occurs in the low back or buttocks and is the result of a muscle strain or tear. Many sacral issues result from the sedentary nature of modern life as sitting or standing for long periods of time can cause tension in this group of muscles and soft tissues—particularly, the hamstrings, hip flexors, and other muscles attached to the pelvis and low back. When these structures are not moved or stretched for an extended period of time, they fall into a holding pattern. When held, they contract even though there is no motion requiring such contractions. Thus, they become tighter and tighter, and may eventually put pressure on a surrounding nerve. Treatment of such issues may include rest, icing, and participation in a physical therapy program designed to improve flexibility, range of motion, blood flow, and muscle strength.