AlterG® (Anti-Gravity Treadmill®)

AlterG® is a unique treadmill that reduces gravity’s impact by adjusting the percentage of gravity on a patient. This “unweighting technology” makes it possible for a patient to exercise on the treadmill with less stress and without the pain that he or she would normally experience while walking or running without the device. Gravity’s impact can be adjusted anywhere from 20% to 100% of the patient’s body weight and the adjustments can be made 1% at a time to accommodate progress.

AlterG® can be used for more than rehabilitation of injuries—the anti-gravity treadmill® can be used for athletic training and even weight loss. For rehabilitation—post injury or surgery—AlterG® is totally unique. The patient can walk and run longer without the stress of gravity improving strength and mobility. The same goes for weight loss. A patient who normally would not be able to exercise because of the stress on his or her joints, is now able to use AlterG® to get moving again.

Even with the weightless feeling of exercising on an anti-gravity treadmill®, your gait is not affected. You can be confident that your stride won’t be impacted, and you can become stronger and more mobile during your recovery period. Find an AlterG® to defy gravity to jump start your recovery.