Auto Accident Rehabilitation

When a person is injured in an automobile accident, symptoms of the injury might not surface for hours or weeks after the accident. It is important the injured person seek appropriate treatment—like auto accident rehabilitation—immediately after the accident. Auto accident rehabilitation is care specific to common auto accident injuries, like whiplash and back pain.

An injury from an auto accident can be very traumatic. A person might experience intense pain and lose the ability to perform his or her normal day-to-day activities. A physical therapy clinic that offers auto accident rehabilitation can take a holistic approach to help a patient regain his or her strength and eliminate pain. Additionally, the clinic might offer other specialties like surgery, emergency care, and massage therapy.

Whiplash is the most common injury from an auto accident and can occur at speeds as low as five miles per hour. If left untreated, whiplash can cause chronic neck pain, migraines, upper body soreness and stiffness, and headaches.

After a healthcare professional evaluates the patient’s injury, he or she can develop a plan of care. It will normally involve special exercises and stretches along with specific exercises to be performed at home. Auto accident rehabilitation can eliminate pain and help a person regain his or her sense of normalcy after the accident.