Baseball Performance Training

Baseball players don’t improve their game by simply playing more often. As an athlete, he or she needs training and coaching to become more agile, faster, and more powerful in the game. Baseball training provides the tools for success using specific exercises tailored to the needs of the baseball athlete.

Baseball training can occur one-on-one or in a group setting available during or postseason. A group setting can prove to be more motivational for the athletes. Agility exercises help the athlete increase his or her speed and coordination. Batting training can make the difference between a good and a great batter. A coach or athletic trainer can help the player hit with more power and accuracy. Whether you’re a shortstop or a center fielder, you can benefit from increased agility and power.

Some baseball training programs offer prehabilitation (i.e., injury prevention). A coach or trainer will work with a player on his or her flexibility and balance. This special training teaches players how to decrease the chances of both acute and overuse injuries.

Some benefits of baseball training for an athlete include: enhanced functional strength, more power, increased speed and agility, better core strength, higher self-confidence and mental resilience, more flexibility and balance, and decreased chance of injury.