Graston® Technique

An evidence-based method of soft tissue mobilization, the Graston® Technique involves the use of stainless steel instruments to locate and break up scar tissue, which is then absorbed by the body. When damaged tissue heals following injury, it does so in a haphazard pattern. Such tissue often causes pain and prevents normal motion and function. By breaking up the scar tissue and stretching out the connective tissue and muscle fibers surrounding it, the clinician can increase blood flow to the area and promote healing. It also reduces the need for anti-inflammatory medication and, in some cases, can resolve chronic issues previously thought to be permanent. While this treatment is not extremely painful, patients may experience mild discomfort and bruising. However, the technique has led to positive outcomes in 75-90% of the conditions it is used to treat, with patients typically seeing results by the third or fourth treatment. Most patients receive two treatments per week for four to five weeks. Even though clinicians must receive special certification to provide this treatment, it has become a common offering at clinics across the globe, with more than 20,000 clinicians offering it. Furthermore, more than 50 colleges and universities have adopted it as part of their curriculum.