In-Home Physical Therapy

In-home physical therapy provides therapy treatment in the comfort of a patient’s home. A physical therapy—trained in home care—can provide the same services as a patient would receive in a clinic or other healthcare facility. The ultimate goals are to rehabilitate injury, reduce pain, return a patient to his or her prior functional levels, and prevent future injury.

Physical therapy provided in the home is a valuable option for people who have suffered from surgery or disease, injury, patients at risk for falls, and patients with mobility issues. It is a common treatment for patients who have suffered from a stroke, heart attack, a fall, joint replacement surgery, or sudden loss of mobility.

A physical therapist can provide the same services in-home as he or she does in a clinic. First, he or she will evaluate the patient and develop a plan of care for him or her. After the initial assessment, the physical therapist will help the patient perform exercises and stretches specific to his or her condition or injury. Heat and ice can also be used, along with TENS units, or other manual modalities. The therapist can also help with patient education and the use of orthotic devices—like walkers, and other equipment.