Typically, topical applications of medications do not have the same therapeutic advantage of injected or swallowed medicines because the skin acts as a barrier. Iontophoresis can remove that barrier by using electrodes to “push” medication beyond the skin level for therapeutic effects.

Iontophoresis is usually paired with other therapeutic exercise and modalities to improve range of motion, reduce pain, and aid in healing of scar tissue. Hybresis is an iontophoresis system that is different than the typical technology. It is wireless and allows for the dosage to be mounted directly on the patch.

The patch itself has pads that hold medication, and the dose controller enhances and increases the dosage for a set amount of time. Once the dosage controller is attached, it is turned on, and starts treatment. First it conducts an enhancement that supplies a certain amount of medication, then the dose controller is removed and a low dosage is supplied for an extended period of time.

Because Hybresis is wireless, it’s really easy for a physical therapist to apply, and the adjustable dosage is easy to control to ensure proper levels of medication. The treatments are shorter than the traditional iontophoresis treatments, they are pain free, mobie, and are easy to use.