Nutrition and Dietary Consulting

Individualized coaching on proper nutrition and dietary management helps people of all ages make smarter decisions about their health and wellness. Nutrition and dietary consulting services are especially beneficial for people who are on restricted diets due to Celiac disease (or other gluten intolerance), digestive issues, food allergies, blood sugar imbalances, pregnancy, and lactation. Dieticians support and educate patients on portion control, menu planning, food selection, reading food labels, and food allergy and weight management.

Consulting services are typically provided by qualified, registered dieticians and always begin with an initial consultation, at which a dietician would discuss with the client his or her condition and dietary restrictions. The dietician would then create healthy recipes that take into account the client’s food preferences and lifestyle.

Consulting services include cooking demos and meal preparation coaching to teach clients healthy recipes designed to fit their specific needs, as well as general cooking skills and how to use herbs and spices. Nutrition advice and grocery store tours help clients experiment with new, healthy foods and know how to shop for the proper foods for their dietary requirements.

Dieticians also offer kitchen cleanses to remove unhealthy foods and create a more efficient, fun space where clients can enjoy cooking.