Used in timed movement tests, Optojump is an optical measurement system that uses constant communication between LEDs on transmitting and receiving bars. Depending on the desired resolution, each bar can contain between 33 and 100 LEDs.

Physical therapists use this system to develop training and rehabilitation plans, identify musculoskeletal issues after injury, determine and correct muscular deficiencies, improve an athlete’s performance and physical condition, and regularly check for improvement.

During testing, an athlete stands between the two bars to perform a series of jumps or movements—including gait analysis (running and walking), squat jump, single leg squat jump, countermovement jump, drop jump, stiffness, and shuttle test. The action causes a disruption in communication between the two bars, which then measure the duration of the disruption with 1/1000th of a second accuracy.

The system can calculate flight times (how long a person is in the air), contact times (how long a person is on the ground), dynamic power, elastic strength and resistance, average and peak power, vertical and horizontal distance, rhythm, dissipated energy, and optical or acoustic reaction time. It can also capture video using two small cameras that can then be matched up perfectly with the tests to cross-check the data collected.