Performance Enhancement

Performance enhancement is at a basic level, any method used to improve performance. The enhancement can be anything from studying your opponent’s tactics, to staying hydrated by drinking water. When it comes to improved athletic performance, steroid use is often assumed to be the only performance enhancement. This is not true, athletes have many methods he or she uses to perform at a higher caliber.

Stretching or weight training are forms of physical performance enhancement. Visualization and even hypnosis are mental forms of performance enhancement. There’s even mechanical enhancements, like wearing or using better equipment. Supplements are another biggie when it comes to performance and recovery. In the competitive athletic world, nutritional supplements are regulated to ensure banned substances are not used to gain an unfair advantage.

Performance enhancement doesn’t apply only to athletes; a person can take steps in his or her work and home life to improve his or her performance. In a work setting, a person can improve posture and minimize tension reducing aches and pains. He or she can learn how to be more powerful in sports and decrease the likelihood of injury. At home, quality of life can be enhanced when he or she knows how to reduce pain by moving efficiently. Whether you are an athlete, or simply want to feel better in your day-to-day activities, some simple lifestyle changes can enhance your performance.