Performance Optimization

Performance optimization can shorten recovery time, and enhance athletic performance. A special training plan is developed for the athlete in response to a series of tests. The adjusted training plan ensure the athlete does not overtrain and his or her body is able to recover more quickly. When an athlete’s training plan is optimized, he or she can train less and obtain better results.

Some specialized training centers can measure an athlete’s functional state and adaptation process in as little as two to 10 minutes. The tests can include: heart rate fluctuations (highs and lows), muscle energy (lactic and alactic), nerve and muscle potential (strength and power), motor function, nervous system balance, and the athlete’s brain wave patterns. He or she might experience positive mental benefits from the increase of energy and performance.

In addition to scientific testing and a specialized training plan, an athlete can also optimize his or her performance with a proper diet and. A dietician can evaluate an athlete’s needs and develop a nutrition plan for ultimate recovery and performance.
With proper nutrition and a specialized training plan an athlete can stay in his or her peak performance zone more consistently, maintain better focus and benefit from a faster recovery time.