Posture and Body Mechanics Assessment and Training

Maintaining proper spinal alignment can save you from experiencing strains, sprains, and chronic back and neck conditions. Posture and body mechanics assessment and training is used by physical therapists to help patients rehabilitate from—and prevent—injury and reduce muscle pain, fatigue, and imbalance caused by misalignment of the spine.

This kind of therapy begins with an evaluation of your body mechanics and posture, which the therapist uses to then develop a custom treatment and recovery plan to realign your body using a variety of techniques, including manipulation, exercise, and even occupational therapy.

Poor posture when sitting, standing, and even sleeping can cause neck and back pain (among other issues), so learning how to maintain proper posture and body mechanics is important. Your physical therapist can teach you to maintain proper posture and correctly move your body during everyday activities, such as walking, lifting and carrying objects, pushing and pulling, gardening and cleaning.

This assessment and training can also help you develop healthy lifestyle habits and reduce your risk for work-related injuries—a growing concern for people who work in sedentary office settings. Sustained sitting—especially if you hunch your shoulders or lean forward—cradling a phone between your ear and shoulder, and prolonged looking up or down at a computer can be a real pain in the neck (pun intended).