Redcord Therapy

Widely used all over the world, redcord therapy is a physical therapy technique designed to correct muscle imbalances, improve the core to restore normal function and mobility, and provide pain relief. Redcord therapy offers therapeutic stabilization exercises through a suspension system of ropes, harnesses, and slings.

After a detailed physical screening, physical therapists are able to identify a patient’s specific functional limitations and create an exercise plan based on his or her’s individual needs and therapy goals.

During treatment, the patient’s body is supported by the suspension system and resistance is applied only through the patient’s own body weight. Suspension allows for safe and painless movement by reducing the strain on overused and overworked muscles. It also activates the entire neuromuscular system, including weak and dormant muscles.

This kind of therapy is an effective treatment for many musculoskeletal disorders, such as acute or chronic pain in the low back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, and pelvic girdle. It’s also effective for injury rehabilitation and prevention, and performance enhancement for athletes.

Redcord therapy allows physical therapists to be more efficient by treating several patients more quickly and at the same time—treatment typically requires just two to three 30-45 minute sessions per week.