Small Group Workshops

Personal trainers, fitness studios, and even physical therapy clinics will offer a small group workshop. These workshops are limited to a small number of people, and can range in focus. You can find workshops for weight loss, proper lifting form, yoga, pilates, boot-camp, CrossFit—nearly anything fitness related.

There are benefits to signing up for a small group workshop. You receive more one-on-one attention than you would in a typical group class setting. Although you are getting more one-on-one time with a trainer, you aren’t paying for a solo training session. This is typically a huge money-saver. If you are attending a workshop with a specific goal in mind you can improve your own technique and learn new techniques to achieve the results you want—whether that’s a proper deadlift, or a solid crow pose. Workshops can be educational, or physically demanding. A boot-camp small group workshop might push you to your peak performance, and an educational workshop might be slower paced but can lay the foundation for your workouts.

Working out in a small group can create a sense of camaraderie. The other participants in the workshop will have also paid for the same purpose, to better themselves and gain new skills. Be sure to check what level you are committing to. You will want to be sure you are participating in a workshop level that pushes you, but isn’t so difficult that you end up injured or leaving midway through the session.