Sports Medicine

Sports medicine relates to the science of exercise and fitness—also commonly referred to as exercise medicine. Although it’s referred to as “medicine”, the experts—sports medicine specialists—aren’t necessarily physicians. However, specialists will have extensive training and education on the benefits and risks of sports and fitness. A physician might go through years of sports medicine education in addition to his or her medical doctorate. At this point, the physician has specific knowledge related to sports injuries and the complexities of training, life-sport balance, and injury prevention. He or she might spend time watching, or performing, orthopedic surgeries for a comprehensive scope of care.

Sports medicine often encompasses nutrition, exercise plans, injury prevention, and (in some cases) treatment. A sports medicine specialist will aim to improve your performance and overall lifestyle. He or she can work with you to become your best physical version of yourself, through training and proper nutrition.

Exercise is being seen as an alternative to medication and an irreplaceable healthcare tool—the sports medicine world is no stranger to this concept. Regular exercise can battle obesity, diabetes, mental illness, and a long laundry list of other conditions. A sports medicine specialist can build, monitor, and maintain an exercise plan that keeps their clients (or patients) in tip-top shape, avoiding injury and a host of preventable diseases.