For those affected by lymphedema, daytime wraps are simply not appropriate for nighttime care. The compression is too tight and could be dangerous during sleep. TheraFit is a garment created specifically for night-time wear to replace traditional multi-layer bandaging techniques. By wearing the garment all night, swelling can be further reduced to make bandaging in the morning an easier process.

TheraFit comes in several standard sizes and has adjustable compression levels because of its unique construction. Its fabric is so soft, skin-friendly, and wicks away sweat and warmth to keep the wearer cool. The medical-grade foam was designed to apply different levels of pressure to stimulate circulation and soften fibrosis. Fluid is gently guided away from the affected areas.

The TheraFit fits like a sleeve and extends from the top of the arm to the fingertips. It is made for right or left arm, in varying lengths, with a lace up construction for a totally customizable fit. Especially if a person is in the decongestive phase of lymphedema and must wear compression garments consistently from visit to healthcare visit, a comfortable night-time option is important. Fluid-swollen areas can be gently softened with overnight compression garment wear.