Video Analysis

Video analysis in sports was—at one time—only available for top-tier, professional level sports teams. Video equipment was expensive, and the process was time intensive. Today, camera costs are dropping, there’s an app for practically everything, and almost all phones have video capability. All of these factors add up to equal widespread opportunity to use video as a tool to enhance performance.

Thanks to digital video, players and coaches can review footage almost instantly after a game or practice. A coach can even download an app that allows him or her to condense a video to highlight only what he or she thinks is pertinent. Now an athlete can review his or her performance from a new visual perspective, whether it’s to pinpoint mistakes or highlight strengths.

A coach can review the player’s form to prevent injury, single out the clip and go over with the athlete exactly why he or she needs to change his or her form. Beyond avoiding injury, working on proper form will help shorten recovery time.

Outside of an athlete’s own team, he or she can review the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent by watching video of him or her (or the team as a whole) and develop a smarter game plan. Video analysis is a valuable tool for athletes and coaches—from amateurs to professionals—to boost performance, reduce risk of injury, and to formulate smarter gameplans.