Walk-in Consultations

A walk-in consultation—a no-cost, no obligation consultation—is a one-on-one meeting with a licensed physical therapist. Walk-in consultations can help with pain management and injury prevention, so if you are experiencing physical limitations—such as pain, stiffness, weakness, limited range of motion, and balance or gait issues—be proactive and take advantage of this service.

During a walk-in consultation, a physical therapist would briefly go over your medical history and ask you questions about your condition, then perform a complete physical evaluation to determine the source of your physical issue.

A physical therapist would then discuss his or her findings and recommend to you a treatment plan. He or she would also provide you with information on how specific physical therapy exercises and techniques can help you reach optimal recovery—or refer you to another medical professional, if necessary.

The therapist can send your evaluation report directly to your primary care physician. However, many states now allow direct access to physical therapy; ask the therapist to check with your insurance company to see if you are allowed to seek physical therapy treatment without first obtaining a prescription from a physician. If so, you can go ahead with the recommended treatment without needing to consult your primary care physician.