Yogalates (i.e., yogilates) is a form of exercise that combines both yoga and pilates. The movement in yogalates is energizing, starting with mindful yoga poses, leading to toning pilates exercises. Breathing is important in yogalates for relaxation and increased focus. Yogalates has various benefits including: relaxation, weight loss, increased muscle strength, and flexibility.

It’s best to practice yogalates every day, for at least one hour. However, just a quick 30 minute practice session using the meditative breathing techniques and postures can ease stress and tension.

The calories you burn during yogalates can be compared to a good cardio workout—an added bonus of yogalates. Beyond the strength and flexibility you can gain from practicing yoga, pilates can be an even more challenging workout for the larger muscle groups of the body (e.g., the buttocks, hamstrings, and quadriceps).

Yogalates is also a great time saver. For those who might want to take both classes but may not have the time, this exercise combines the best of both worlds. You can take advantage of the mindfulness of yoga and the killer burn of pilates.

Furthermore, yogalates—when practiced regularly—can be a treatment for common ailments like: PMS, low back pain, discomfort from spinal injuries or pregnancy, diabetes, osteoporosis, or even arthritis.