Power in Numbers: Crowdsourcing to Aggregate PT Content



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The great response to last week’s post highlighting physical therapy blogs worth reading made me realize something: the rehabilitation community is actively looking for evidence-based information and PT-related content.  My goal with the post was to do nothing more than to provide a starting point for a newcomer; a quick way to become acquainted with the online community.

It dawned on me a few days later that lists like this provided value to all rehabilitation clinicians.  Whether you’re a social media rookie or working on your 30,000th tweet, there is an abundance of resources that you either don’t utilize or don’t know about.  At the same time, there are resources that you are using to learn and engage with that would be valuable to others.

So, why aren’t we pooling our resources? It’s so incredibly easy to do given the prevalence and ease of RSS feeds that it’s a bit silly not to.  This community’s passion and unity is on display with the recent attempt to curb California PT’s scope of practice with SB381 (refer here if you’re unfamiliar).  Let’s continue fostering that unity by crowdsourcing an RSS aggregator of PT/OT/SLP related news, commentary, and research.

I’ll start.  I’ve created a bundle for Google Reader of all of the sites that I find valuable, including the 13 blogs I talked about in the last article.  If you’re unsure of what an RSS Aggregator like Google Reader is, watch this short video tutorial.

Link: Physical Therapy Resources

Now, it’s your turn. Feel free to email me links to blogs, research magazines, or any site that you believe provides content that the rehabilitation community would find valuable (ryan@theravid.com). For each submission, please provide:

  • Name of Each Resource
  • URL
  • Brief description (Optional)

As the recommendations come in, I will continuously update a publicly shared Google Doc as well as the above Google Reader bundles.  With enough participation, we have the ability to create the most comprehensive, useful, and continuously updating aggregation of PT related content ever assembled.

Hop to it!

Ryan Klepps PT, DPT – TheraVid LLC

You can reach ryan by email ryan@theravid.com or via twitter @TeamTheraVid

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